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Non-profit Services

Services to not-for-profits, including teaching, mentoring and advisory work are an important part of our mission. We believe that the skills we have developed both in the corporate and not-for-profit worlds can be very beneficial in today's environment.

We will bring with us passion, sensitivity, commitment and the same professionalism we provide to corporate clients while always remembering the key differences between corporate and not-for profit entities.

Financial Review
& Strategic Planning

For many not-for-profits, dealing with financial matters as part of a strategic planning effort is viewed as a "necessary evil". The discipline of a careful financial review can yield positive results and creative responses in difficult markets. the same discipline can help organization boards and managers avoid the pitfalls of an increasingly complex liability envionment. Assets must be analyzed and, in some cases, recognized as vehicles to generate sustaining cash flow.

Likewise, it is often more prudent to find ways to maintain rather than defer maintenance. To the surprise of many, there are even foundations that provide funding for the repair of bricks and mortar if there is as a well thought out operating and financial plan. Similarly, foundations, philanthropic organizations and other donors tend to be more positively disposed to well organized institutions with a plan for economic survival than they are to those with poorly conceived or non-existant plans. We stand ready to assist not-for-profits in the review and development of financial and related operating plans.


In conjunction with an experienced Washington, DC based expert on charitable giving and fundraising, we can work to integrate financial and strategic plans into a well thought out development program. While our partner acts as the primary driver of the fundraising element, our long history together will facilitate a seamless execution.



Teaching remains an important and ongoing part of our effort. This will remain primarily pro bono and focus on education in the field of finance for young, high potential students who can benefit from close and demanding mentoring. We believe we will continue to be able to draw on strong pro bono assistance in the classroom from partner institutions like Deutsche Bank, major Wall Street law firms and leading private equity groups.

By its nature, hands on classroom teaching requires small classes and rigorous preparation. It is time consuming and, regrettably, is not something we can provide to as many as we would desire. We are open to requests and are best able to provide one day or half day programs in addition to current commitments.