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In the current economic environment, institutions, corporations and individuals face challenges and decisions which are difficult and may be fraught with risk. Many advisors in the financial community face severe conflicts in providing fair and unbiased advice regardless of their best intentions and motivations.

Lieutenant Island Partners, LLC provides an unusual mix of advisory services for corporations, not-for-profits, boards of directors/trustees and individuals. Long term corporate financial planning, assistance in the selection of investment banks or board directors, decisions about strategies for seeking private equity, corporate finance tutorials, review and/or creation of business plans and other general advice can be provided on a one on-one-or group basis.

Our Managing Partner has unique experience as an investment banker, senior manager, business builder, corporate director, finance professor and not-for-profit board chair and trustee. In his more than forty years as an investment banker and finance advisor, primarily for Deutsche Bank Securities and Lehman Brothers, he has been involved in numerous large and small debt and equity transactions, varied acquisitions, leverage buyouts, restructurings and cross border transactions. He has built a major investment banking business group from a standing start to annual revenues in excess of $325 million. He currently represents a LBO firm and a very large institutional debt investor on two corporate boards, serves on an investment review board for a LBO fund, teaches finance at the college level, has led seminars for corporate groups and serves on audit, governance and investment committees for religious, educational and other not-for-profits as well as a private multinational financial service firm.

Our operating philosophy is not to replace an investment bank or institutional advisor but, rather, to help you think through what you need, providing analysis/preparation for decision making and give general advice with no conflict arising from underwriting, loan or other commitments.

Recognizing the particular difficulties most not-for-profit institutions and organizations are currently experiencing, on a case by case basis, we will consider reduced rate schedules and, if appropriate, pro bono service. We recognize a social obligation to serve the community from which we benefit.

We are available on an as needed or monthly retainer basis and stand ready to serve on very short notice as needs arise.